Easy installation and quick setup

This system installs within a maximum of six days. There are three days for constructing the foundation, which is widely and superficially implemented, and three days for the installation of structures, electrical connections, and the commissioning of parking lots.

The minimum cost of excavation and construction

Due to the axial rotation system, this system's service and maintenance are incredibly cheap.

Energy Saving

Reduce vehicle depreciation and fuel consumption , No need for ventilation and exhaust system , No noise pollution , Minimum lighting system


The device's portability allows the system to be dismantled at any time and quickly installed elsewhere.

Security and safety

Cars are not damaged by damage caused by the sidecar door's sudden opening and parking other cars , No Car theft , Higher psychological security of the driver due to the intelligence of the system.

Flexibility in design and execution

Save on excavation depth , Less cost of operation deeper , Lower cost for stabilizing soil and operation ability in the basement

Variety in coverage

The system is designed as Outdoor system, so there is no need to cover it, but it is also possible to use a wide range of materials from allophane sheets to cement wall or polycarbonate sheets to perform its facade. It is also possible to use the walls for advertising.

Low space required

Occupancy of 32 cubic meters of space to provide each parking lot, while in ordinary construction parking lots, more than 60 cubic meters of space is required to provide each parking lot. In asymmetric lands with dimensions of about 6 meters by 5 meters, it is possible to park 30 cars. In an area where it is impossible to bypass the car, it is possible to install such parking lots by installing a revolving table.

Low service and maintenance costs

Due to the axial rotation system, this system’s service and maintenance are extremely cheap.

Execution steps

Drilling and execution of foundations

Assembly of metal structures

Installation of mechanical equipment

Installation of electronic equipment and automation

پارکینگ مکانیزه اپتیم پارک

Optim Park Mechanized Parking

Mechanized parking is fully automatic and does not require a driver, puts the car in the right place, and can be a very good solution for efficient space use. Mechanized parking lots can be used in places where it is impossible to build a parking lot by ramps and loops. One of the essential advantages of these parking lots is the car’s high capacity in the least space. Optimpark mechanized parking product can be installed simultaneously on or under the ground, which for the first time is completely designed and executed by this company in reverse engineering method and mechanism design.