Mechanized Residential Parking

This type of mechanized Parking is offered in two situations: dependent mechanized residential Parking, which can be implemented in Double, triple and quadruple arrangement and independent mechanized residential Parking, which can be implemented in Double and triple arrangement in the yard or parking lot of residential houses.

Optimpark Mechanized Residential Parking features

Minimum dimensions of each module6m x 2.5m
Module Capacity2 to 4 cars
The ability to cover the facadeYes
Fire alarm and extinguishYes
Turn Table PlaneNo
Installation statusCan be installed below and on the floor as well as simultaneously
InstallationAbility to move the parking lot from the installed location to another location in the shortest time
Entrance methodsManual, Automatic, Special Card, App, Fingerprint, QR code, and License Plate Detection
Installation plcaesHouse yards, Public places, Private places, City centers, Banks, Hospitals, Highway margins, etc.

Advantages of Mechanized Residential Parking

Low space occupation and reasonable implementation cost of mechanized residential parking will solve parking space deficiency problem in residential houses and small offices.