Introducing Takapoo Sanat Nami Company (Optimpark)

مجتمع صنعتی تولید پارکینگ مکانیزه اپتیم پارک

Takapoo Sanat Nami Company with the brand name of Optimpark was established based on the 60-year experience of the company’s managers in the field of industrial equipment related to the steel, petrochemical and power plant industries.
Along with continuing its activities in the previous fields, the company started its activity in the field of machine building and construction which led to the company’s specialized entry into the field of designing and producing various types of mechanized parking, such as pallet-less, combined pallet-less, Rotary, puzzle and residential parking lots under the brand name Optimpark.
Due to the localization of technology and the use of unique industrial experiences and methods, products designed and produced in the Optimpark opened their place among customers, including governmental and private organizations in the shortest possible time.
Optimpark always follows its developed plans for ideation, design and construction of future generations of products and considers innovation and creativity as an essential pillar in its path of excellence and in order to achieve its goals, succeeds in obtaining European CE certification, ISO 14001, ISO9001, ISO45001 and certified by the Fire and Safety Service.

Optimpark Policy

Integrated management policy of Takapoo Sanat Nami Company (Optimpark)

Takapoo Sanat Nami Company (Optim Park) as the first knowledge-based company in the field of design, development and construction of mechanized parking lots to ensure the improvement of business environment, strategic orientation appropriate to the organizational context of the company, promoting risk-based thinking and process approach Achieving the expected results of the integrated management system, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements, ISO9001: 2015 standards as a model for quality management system and ISO14001: 2015 standard for environmental management system and ISO45001: 2018 safety and health management system Select a professional and with a commitment to provide safe working conditions and eliminate and reduce occupational safety and health risks and a commitment to employee participation and advice, announces its policy outline as follows:

1- Understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders and increasing customer satisfaction and responding to their complaints
2- Research and innovation in production and improving the quality of products and increasing market share
3- Commitment of all employees to the management and optimal use of energy resources, raw materials and equipment, control and reduction of health hazards, safety accidents and environmental pollution
4- Empowering employees through the development of knowledge and competencies at individual, group and organizational levels in order to increase the productivity of human resources.

This policy, while being reviewed at intervals commensurate with the results of process performance and opportunities and risks, serves as a framework for setting quality objectives.