Sliding Mechanized Parking

By combining various advantages, Optimpark sliding mechanized parking has been able to gain more satisfaction regarding the speed of movement and the capacity of the car.

According to the technology used in the sliding parking, it is possible to provide the optimal capacity and access, as well as to preserve the surrounding space, and the operation is facilitated for the user.

Optimpark Sliding Mechanized Parking​ features

Minimum dimensions of each module6m x 7.5m
Module Capacity6 to 75 cars
The ability to cover the facadeYes
Fire alarm and extinguishYes
Turn Table PlaneNo
Installation statusCan be installed below and on the floor as well as simultaneously
InstallationAbility to move the parking lot from the installed location to another location in the shortest time
Entrance methodsManual, Automatic, Special Card, App, Fingerprint, QR code, and License Plate Detection
Installation plcaesHouse yards, Public places, Private places, City centers, Banks, Hospitals, Highway margins, etc.