Bagh-e-Melli mechanized parking (Mashhad)

Bagh-e-Melli is known as the first amusement park in Mashhad, which is located on the side of Imam Khomeini Street. Due to its proximity to the government citadel of Mashhad and also being located in the city center, Bagh-e-Melli has been a place for social and cultural Ceremonies in the past. After that, with the development and expansion of the city and the construction of a large and new park, Bagh-e-Melli has now become a local park, however, due to its long history, it is still of special importance.

According to the contract concluded between the Municipality of Mashhad and the Optimpark company, construction of mechanized parking in Bagh-e-Melli began in 2019 and was put into operation in 2020. This mechanized parking which is located and installed in the parking lot of Bagh-e-Melli Complex consists of three rotary parking modules with a capacity of 16 parking spaces in each module, which has provided the possibility of parking a total of 48 cars. The total height of the modules installed in this complex is about 17 meters and the occupied land area is about 120 square meters.

The rotary mechanized parking system designed and installed in Bagh-e-Melli can be used for all passenger cars and semi-chassis, and new mechanized parking technologies have been used in its construction including intelligent arrival and departure automation system and car layout intelligent balance system.

The mechanized parking of Bagh-e-Melli has public use and provides services to the citizens of Mashhad on all days of the week.

Due to the problems related to the parking space in the adjacent Streets of Bagh-e-Melli, the construction of this parking has increased the parking space in the area and consequently reduced traffic in adjacent Streets and increased the satisfaction of citizens, organizations, companies, and stores located in the area.

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