Emamat mechanized parking

Emamat mechanized parking project is a pallet-less mechanized parking lot with a capacity of 40 mechanized car parking spaces which was started according to the contract between Mashhad Municipality and Optimpark in 2021.

The space occupied by the mechanized parking lot is about 64 square meters and will come into operation in 1st quarter of 2022.

The modules used in this parking lot have been designed and implemented in such a way that it is possible to park all kinds of passenger cars in different classes (including long chassis, semi-chassis and sedan).

Indicative features of this type of mechanized parking are the ability to cover the facade, the ability to install fire alarm and extinguishing system, optimal use of available space to provide a large number of parking places, the ability to install a turntable inside the system and the possibility of using different entrance methods (manual, automatic, dedicated card, fingerprint, app and barcode reader).

Emamat Pallet-less Parking

Emamat mechanized parking location

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