Tochal mechanized parking

Tochal mechanized parking construction project is one of the flagship projects of Optimpark company in designing, constructing, and installing a new generation of rotary mechanized parking in Iran. The construction and installation process started in 2020 and became operational in the same year.
This project, which is based on the contract concluded between Tochal Telecabin Company and Optimpark Company, is located and constructed in the parking lot No. 2 of the Tochal Telecabin entertainment complex, and is of the Rotary type with a capacity of 10 car parking spaces.
The space occupied by the whole mechanized parking module is about 32 square meters, which normally, there is only the ability to park 2 vehicles in this space; But with the use of mechanized parking module designed by Optimpark, this capacity has increased 5 times.
The rotary mechanized parking module installed in the Tocahl entertainment complex has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from similar modules, and that is the use of a turn-table in this module.
The use of a turn-table in the rotary mechanized parking, which has been designed and operated for the first time in Iran by the Optimpark, allows the car to rotate in the parking lot, and so there is no need to Reverse movement in the parking equipped with this mechanism.
Another characteristic feature of mechanized parking installed in the Tochal complex is the possibility of simultaneous use of existing parking spaces by different classes of city cars, semi-chassis, and SUVs. Due to the differences in the dimensions of passenger cars in different classes, special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the module in the design of the rotary mechanized parking.

Tochal Rotary Mechanized Parking

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