Payam mechanized parking

The construction operations of Payam mechanized parking, which consists of two rotary parking modules with a capacity of 12 parking spaces in each module and provides the possibility of parking a total of 24 cars, has started in 2021 according to the contract concluded between Mashhad Municipality and Optimpark company. It will be operational in 1st quarter of 2022.

Payam mechanized parking lot, which is located near the intersection of Dastgheib and Khayyam boulevards and adjacent to Payam street, has a public use and provides services to the citizens of Mashhad all days of the week.

According to the existing requirements and restrictions, the rotary mechanized parking modules installed in Payam parking lot are designed for parking sedan cars and it is not possible to park long chassis cars in it.

Payam rotary mechanized parking

Payam mechanized parking location

Payam mechanized parking gallery