Iran Standard 20533 – Mechanized parking (car) – Requirements and recommendations

Standard No. 20533 of the National Standards Organization of Iran entitled “Mechanized Parking (Car) – Requirements and Recommendations” has been approved in the 21st meeting of the National Committee for Transportation Standards on 14/3/2016.

This standard provides an overview of key features, requirements, and recommendations needed by employers, designers, builders, and operators of mechanized parking lots such as dimensions, required safety features, fire protection, entrances and exits, permissible noise and vibration emissions, and traffic considerations related to the construction of mechanized parking lots.

The purpose of this standard is to determine the minimum rules and regulations for the design, implementation, and operation of mechanized parking systems in order to ensure the effectiveness of their performance.

It is worth mentioning that systems in which the occupant remains inside the vehicle during the park stages (such as car lifts, etc.) are not within the scope of this standard. Also, this standard does not specify the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and electronic details of mechanized parking lots.

Iran Standard 20533 – Mechanized parking (car) – Requirements and recommendations

Sources and references used in compiling Standard No. 20533

The sources used to prepare this standard are as follows:

– Criteria for the construction of multi-story car parks – Deputy of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tehran Municipality

– Traffic requirements for the construction of mechanized parking lots – Deputy of Studies and Planning of Tehran Municipality Transport and Traffic Organization

– Mechanized parking safety instructions – Tehran Fire and Safety Services

– PREN 14010: 2004, Safety of machinery-Equipment for power-driven parking of motor vehicles

– VDI 4466: 2001, Automatic parking systems-Basic principles

– Guide to the Design & Operation of Automated Parking Facilities (Automated & Mechanical Parking Association, National Parking Association-US)

– Standard Guideline for Automated Facilities in the UNITED STATES

– Korean Parking Lot Act (The Regulation on Safety and Inspection Standards of Mechanical Parking Equipment)

– Japanese Standard in Automated Parking (Standards of Parking Structure), NFPA 88A -Standard for Parking Structures (2011 edition)


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