Optimpark participation in GITEX 2020

Takapoo Sanat Nami Company (Optimpark) along with 19 other Iranian startups participated in the 40th International Exhibition of Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce in the Middle East called “GITEX” which was held from 6 to 9 December 2020 in the UAE.

During GITEX 2020 exhibition, a pod in the “Future Stars” section was provided to Iranian projects so that Iranian knowledge-based companies and startups could display their creative products to attract international investors and the opportunity to cooperate with other global startups and companies in the show.

The selected Iranian teams, which have been sent to the Dubai Technology Fair by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund and the Vice President for Science and Technology with the support of the Digital Economy and Intelligence Technologies Development Headquarters, the Export Development and Technology Exchange Corridor and the Export Development and Technology Exchange Fund, have completed empowerment courses and after several specialized judging stages, they were included in the list of passengers of this year’s GITEX 2020 Dubai exhibition.

The Iranian knowledge-based companies present at the GITEX 2020 exhibition are: Raimeh Optimal Data Processing Company, Sarv Treatment Development Company, Tiba Hooshmand Data Architect Company, Aria Patrol Company, Pishtazan Aman Kavi Emad Company, Behin Fanavar Amad Hooshmand Company, Takapoo Sanat Nami Company , Navid Structure Optimal Company, Rahyar Mehryasan Company, Daneshpajohan Institute, Data Kavan Amir Kabir Company, Ordibehesht Pouya Caspian Game Development Company, Ayandeh Robot Sabz Arsam Company, Sanat Ghaem Composite Company, Nilin Sepehr Mobile Processing Company, Nova Kamkar Mandegar Institute, Company Sedna temperature and light systems, Newsad Pharmed Mahan Company, Pasargad Energy Converter Company and Pishgam Siwan Intelligent Acceleration Company.

GITEX 2020
نمایشگاه GITEX 2020
نمایشگاه GITEX 2020

What is GITEX?

The GITEX exhibition, which is held annually in October in the UAE at the Dubai World Trade Center, is known as the UAE Technology Week. In this exhibition, many companies active in the field of technology will be present and will expose their latest products and technologies to the public. GITEX Dubai is the most well-known ICT exhibition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The exhibition was first held in 1981, when it housed the hall No.1 of World Trade Center. With the launch of MacWorld in 1988, GITEX expanded its space to two showroom halls, and for now, the event has occupied the entire space of the World Trade Center complex, which includes 10 showrooms.

Dubai Technology Week Fair identifies the latest global developments in the information technology industry and presents them in the field of new events or conference programs, and an opportunity for business development, identifying and meeting closely with suppliers, purchasing and ordering And product representation as well as finding new business opportunities.

Another thing that can make the GITEX show so amazing is the presence of startups and big investors. Over 200 high-tech investors have been present at GITEX so far. Major startups include EBAN from Belgium, MODUS from the US, 500 Startups from Egypt and MENA Tech Fund from the UK.

This exhibition is in the field of hardware, software, smart systems, smart home, smart city, smart workplace, blockchain technology, network security, 3D printing, specialized platform, drone ,etc and various companies are present in these fields.

معرض GITEX 2020
معرض GITEX 2020
GITEX Future Stars 2020

What is GITEX Future Stars?

GITEX Future Stars is the launch arm of GITEX and includes more than 700 companies from more than 60 countries. The platform brings together global innovators and hosts international booths including countries such as Iran, Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Brazil, Poland, Bahrain, Oman, India, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine and Pakistan.

Optimpark in GITEX 2020

Due to the prominent role of GITEX in introducing new technologies and the great response of investors and knowledge-based companies to this exhibition, attending this exhibition provided an exceptional opportunity to introduce Optimpark products to investors and potential customers of these products in other countries.

The introduction of various Optimpark products and new technologies used in these products, which in some cases are unique and have no similar in the world, by the representatives of this collection, was interesting for many visitors present in the booth of this company.

Visiting the booth of other participants active in the field of new technologies that can be integrated with the products of Optimpark, was another activity of the representatives of the Optimpark in this exhibition, which led to positive results, including bilateral consultations and Initial agreements with several knowledge-based companies present at the exhibition for future collaborations.

Overall, attending GITEX 2020 was a great opportunity to expand Optimpark Group’s partnerships with technology-based and knowledge-based companies from different countries, and we hope that the initial agreements gained at exhibition will soon lead to the Expansion of the company’s overseas activities and the range of products produced by this company.

پروفایل شرکت تکاپو صنعت نامی (اپتیم پارک) در وبسایت GITEX 2020
جلسات نمایندگان اپتیم پارک در GITEX 2020
جلسات نمایندگان اپتیم پارک در GITEX 2020
جلسات نمایندگان اپتیم پارک در GITEX 2020
جلسات نمایندگان اپتیم پارک در GITEX 2020

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